Purchase Procedures


It is the District's policy to obtain competitive bids whenever possible. Written bids are the primary means of obtaining prices, and phone quotations are solicited when practical. All written bids are due by the date and time specified and on the bid form provided. Purchases may be made without the use of the public notice or sealed bid procedure.

Please note that any purchase over $2500 will likely be made by a competitive bid and what you spend for designs, demonstrations, and layouts does not guarantee you an order. Specifications prepared by District departments are carefully reviewed by Purchasing to ensure competition in bidding is fair.

With the exception of requests for proposals (RFPs), which are typically awarded based on a weighted bid evaluation; a purchase will ultimately be made from the lowest, responsive, responsible bidder that meets the objectives and specifications outlined in the RFP. The assistance you offer or provide a department in developing its purchase request cannot be considered when we make the purchase.

If you are called upon to provide pre-purchase services, consider contracting separately for this service. You may ask the department you assisted to list you as a "suggested supplier" on their requisition to ensure we are notified to send you a bid invitation. In some cases, based on the amount of information furnished, you may not be eligible to participate in the bid process.

Bid List

Lists of interested and responsible suppliers are maintained by Purchasing. To add your company name to our bidders list, contact Purchasing at (209) 883-8401 for a Supplier Information Form.

Bid Results

After the due date and bid award, bid awards are a matter of public record. Written bids showing prices and awards are available for your inspection. Due to the quantity of bids received, we are unable to furnish copies or accept telephone inquiries regarding bid results.

A formal bid constitutes an offer to enter into a contract with the District which, if accepted, is binding upon you. Do not promise deliveries you cannot fulfill. If your bid is accepted, your contract will hold you to all the terms and conditions of the invitation to bid.


The majority of deliveries are required to be made to the District "FOB: Destination."


Requirements for delivery are specified on all bids and Purchase Orders. Failure to meet the specified date may cause cancellation of the order. Replacement order expenses may be charged to the supplier for breach of contract and will reflect on the supplier's performance rating.

Sales and Contracts

Materials Management office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please make an appointment before visiting the Purchasing office or other District employees. Routine "courtesy" visits are not encouraged.

Sales representatives are advised to deal directly with the Purchasing office, as they are the District's "Designated Purchasing Personnel;" however, purchases for materials and off-site services under $2500 may be authorized by District personnel via a Purchasing Card or delegated Purchase Order. Do not ship materials or initiate any services without a Purchase Order number.