Tree Trimming

Properly planted and maintained trees can improve air quality and beautify our community. However, trees placed too close to power lines create fire and safety hazards and cause power outages.

As a California public utility, TID has an obligation to provide safe and reliable electric service. The state grants TID permission to maintain its electric system, which includes clearing trees and other vegetation that may encroach upon overhead power lines and equipment, as well as pose a risk to public safety and service reliability.

TID periodically trims or removes trees that are near power lines. The District hires trained, professional tree trimmers who are qualified to work safely near energized power lines.

TID is responsible for trimming trees around its high voltage lines throughout the District.  These trees are inspected and pruned at regular intervals so that high levels of electric service continuity are maintained.

However, TID is not responsible for trimming trees and vegetation from low voltage overhead service lines that connect to our customer’s homes and businesses. Trimming of trees and vegetation from these service wires is the responsibility of District customers.

Trees and vegetation in contact with service wires can interrupt electric service, cause damage to customer electric devices and become a fire hazard. The District is not responsible for damage to customer property that results from vegetation-caused damage to low voltage service wires that connect to customer homes and businesses.

What should you do if you receive electricity from overhead wires?

  1. Examine the overhead service wires that connect to your home or business. 
  1. If you see vegetation on the line or vegetation that could be in contact with the line in stormy weather, make plans to remove the conflicting vegetation.
  1. Contact TID at 883-8301 to schedule an appointment to de-energize these service wires before you do the work so that there is no electric shock hazard. TID will turn off these service wires at no cost to you.
  1. Remove the conflicting vegetation.

Taking the above actions will prevent possible service outages and prevent damage that results from vegetation in low voltage overhead service wires.

TID trims trees to prevent unsafe conditions and to maintain reliable service for its customers. If you have any questions regarding tree trimming please call TID at (209) 883-8335.

For more information, view the District's Tree Maintenance Flyer.